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If you want to design theme parks for a living, here's the class that shows you how, and offers you a certificate to show your accomplishments. It's a terrific online class that lets you study at your own pace. You'll explore:

  • art direction

  • story writing

  • themed architecture

  • ride control

  • show control

  • audio and video

  • lighting

  • mechanics and hydraulics

  • animatronics

This all new version includes 54 videos! In addition you'll join a discussion group populated with hundreds of industry enthusiasts where you'll design your own attraction.


You can work at your own speed, and upon completion receive a certificate recognized by many companies in the theme park industry. You'll also receive:

  • lists of companies that do theme park design

  • industry trade organizations

  • roller coaster, haunted houses and attraction links

  • tips on how to find jobs in the theme park industry

Theme Park Design Workshop is a college-level course, but it's open to everyone with a sincere interest in theme parks and a desire to have fun.

​Imagineering Class: 

Earn a certificate in Theme Park Design

Your Instructor

Steve Alcorn is the CEO of Alcorn McBride Inc., a company that engineers theme parks all over the world. He is author of Theme Park Design: Behind the Scenes with an Engineer. Of all the rides he's helped design, his favorite is Spiderman.

The course includes:
54 video lessons
54 discussion areas 

12 quizzes

final exam 
certificate of completion
Regularly $299, but now just $199 for a limited time with this special discount code:

It's a fun online class for everyone.

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