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Here's What Students Say:

"This course was awesome. Mr. Alcorn's real experiences with theme park design made the lessons very easy to understand. The opportunity to create a ride helped bring everything together and was a blast."

"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I managed to get a job in the Themed Entertainment industry here in the UK. I truly believe that sending e-mails with my projects (made from knowledge picked up in the class and from your advice) helped... I'm writing to say a big thank you for the course... I still also very much enjoy receiving the forum discussion updates from fellow students, as well as the updates you post."

"THANK YOU for all the work you put in, for replying so fast, for sharing your knowledge, and for setting up the forum so we can keep in touch."

"Well done! Now I'm better equipped to handle my new theme park design job."

"Great informal style, captivating, good humour. Definitely recommended!"

"Discovering the great family of creative people at Disney is amazing. Thanks!"

"Next time I go to Disneyland I will definitely appreciate the hard work that went into it."

"I have one thing to was great! Thank you Steve!"

"The course was entertaining as well as insightful.  I learned a lot of interesting aspects of the industry, even though I have been in it for a few years now."

"I liked that I did not have to finish in six weeks.  it allowed me to put it down and pick it up when I could.  If there was a particular part I wanted to spend more time on I could. "

"What a complete set of lessons! No place on web has covered so much about this topic. I didn't NEED to be an engineer to enjoy or understand any topic. I also couldn't wait to see what was next. My only regret is that it's over!!"

"This has been a lot of fun, and parts were extremely challenging both to my thinking and to do - "imagine and create" for me usually come as a response to someone else's original idea.  laid-back style is a delight and did not dilute content."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought it not only gave me a more in depth understanding of theme parks, but also inspired me even more to become a theme park engineer."

"It was a pleasure to take this class and a starting point that I will never forget. I hope I can look back on a fortunate career in this field and proudly identify this as a beginning to a fundamental understanding of the field. Thank You Steve"

"It was an unusual course that really answered some of my questions about Imagineering. I've tried searching the web for another Imagineering or theme park designing course. I don't think there is anything else like this. Thank you for the course and thank you again for the time and participation you have spent in the forums, Steve."

"I enjoyed the course thoroughly.  It enabled me to see the big picture relating to theme park and themed attraction development from beginning to end."

"This class was great!  The real world applications and story telling made the lessons fly by and helped with the learning experience.  This class is perfect for anyone interested in theme park design-as a career or hobby.  Well worth the time.

"Good balance of general and specific information. Very entertainingly written."

"I love the course! Learned a lot about how complex theme parks are. I never knew there were so many departments needed when creating a ride!"

"Thank you very much for this wonderful journey of imagineering, I will never forget this experience. It was great to have a chance to discuss with you through the development of my attraction. I had a general idea about how things are working in this special field of engineering but taking the course I was able to think of all the details and with more professionalism. Your lessons have given me a lot of knowledge about the entire phase of thinking, designing and making the dream a reality (I had lots of fun designing the separate parts) and always thought about how many people need to work giving everything they have to achieve a great result. It was a really a worthy course and I am so glad that I took it. I will continue to pursue my dreams with more confidence from now on. I'll still be around here to share with others this wonderful world of theme parks and imagination (sure I'll keep an eye for the latest news of the theme park industry from the forum and at any time that I will find something interesting I will definitely post it to the forum). Thank you very much again and I wish you the very best for the things that are about to follow."

"The course was fantastic. Steve's dedication and input was truly worth the price. It has helped me immensely in continuing with my dream for a job in Themed Entertainment. Thanks Steve!"

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